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Tourmalinated Quartz Ring

Tourmalinated Quartz Ring

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30% Recycled Fine Silver, 70% Argentium Silver

Size 7

This elegant Tourmalinated Quartz was chosen for the Libra Collection because of the beautiful clarity the stone brings that resonates with the energy of Libra. With the subtle tourmaline inclusion, this is a reminder to stay true to your core when you are approached with obstacles. It is said that Libras are like a mirror, and can show us how our relationships reflect back to us. Whether it is our relationships with others or with ourselves.

Clear Quartz is one of those master healer crystals, in which it is a clean slate to help with inner work. These crystals are tools to help us go deep within our subconscious and help us reprogram or enhance our thought patterns for the better.

As a Venusian ruled sign, Libra brings so much beauty to the world by the way they connect to the world around them, as well as being connected to themselves. They remind us that it is so important maintain stability in our own lives so that we are able to better serve others.

This piece was mindfully handmade in Carbondale, Colorado.

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