Values & Virtues


This jewelry is meant to withstand your every day adventures, whether you are hiking up a mountain to hang with some goats, attending wild festivals, or where ever else life may take you!

We strive to be unique, and my jewelry is a reminding token to be yourself, focus the things that light up your life, and look good doing it!

We believe crystals are a tool that we can work with to remind us of the values and personal goals we wish to carry in our daily life. Having good quality crystals heightens its frequency, and wearing a piece of jewelry with a crystal you resonate with can be a powerful tool to help you achieve the personal development you seek. Whether you seek manifestation, heightened psychic awareness, or inner peace, I got you covered!

I make sure that each piece is comfortable and solid before sending them off to their new homes to be sure it will last you a lifetime with proper care. And if anything does happen, please reach out for repairs or re polishing by emailing


Supporting Slow Fashion:

My stones are all ethically sourced directly from miners, suppliers with ethical certifications, and trustworthy people with wholesome motives. My newer pieces are made with fine silver coins, clean reclaimed scraps, and high quality stones.

This is a key pillar to me not only because I have a Bachelor's Degree in Sustainability, but because I know the dark side of the fashion and jewelry industry. There is not technically any sustainable way to mine, besides small scale digs or working with vintage stones already in cycle. The world wide industry is not exempt from using child labor or exploitation. I look for small and honest mining operations and sellers, and my chains currently comes from Rio Grande, and all other components come from recycled fine silver coins or Harmony by Hoover & Strong.

All packaging is compostable or reusable in order to reduce my consumption of plastic. I buy most of my packing materials from small Etsy sellers and EcoEnclose. Shipping is carbon neutral via Shopify or Sendle because they invest in other companies doing awesome things for the planet, AND you have the option to plant a tree at checkout for just sixty-five cents. Read more in my Sustainability Blog Post.

Check out my Repair & Customs page!


Transparency & Responsibility:

-Transparency means that I am an open book. Ask me any questions about sourcing, pricing, or whatever comes to mind and I'll respond as soon as I see it!

-I take responsibility in the way I gather my materials to create. I have found some truly great gem suppliers that have a mission similar to mine, and are setting a new standard for the gem and jewelry industry. When I find good deals, I'll pass them on to offer the best prices possible.

-Knowing each step in your supply chain from mine to market is valuable in the way that we are using the Earth's precious non-renewable resources. This is the very reason I try to source materials from either melting down older metals and reusing old stock gems, minerals, and crystals.

 Capricorn's Black Mirror Choker Necklace


The more you dig into your birth chart and such, the more it all makes sense, and Astro-Herbalism is another side hobby.

My goal here with this pillar is to charge up your aura with the planetary influences that are connected to the crystal I use as well as the current zodiac season. All these energies combined to give you one awesome healing vessel.
An old technique used to cushion stones or give extra height was to use tobacco or saw dust. I exercise my knowledge about Astro-Herbalism to infuse certain pieces with the plants that correlate to the current zodiac season in order to give you an energetically super charged piece of jewelry.

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