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Calling all groovy mineral enthusiasts--

You know when you find those crystals you just feel so drawn to, and just have to take it home? It happens to me all the time, crystals truly are nature's greatest gift for their innate beauty and their mystical qualities. Don't you love it more when you find jewelry with your favorite crystals too? Well you're in luck, I pick out special and rare gems to make into jewelry for you to be reminded daily of your very own personal goals. Wearing this jewelry will make you feel empowered to dance to your own beat.

And hey, sometimes things aren't always bright and sunny, yet this is something that has pulled me out of the darkest phases of my life and I hope to share that with you if you ever feel the same way. Through dark times, I hope this jewelry helps to spark a new flame when you need it the most.


My approach to design is inspired by natural geometry and art-deco designs. I believe crystals are not only captivating, but also hold the energy of our memories and spirit. I make jewelry to connect you with your favorite crystals, whether it is simply because it makes you feel good or as a memento for a special time in your life.

Through my passion, I aim to adorn the groovy mineral enthusiastic person, inspiring them to be authentic, living in alignment with their dreams, and look good doing it!

Sydney at the roller mill

  Here at Sydney Kay Jewelry, it's one woman behind the scenes. I began creating jewelry because shortly after starting to collect crystals. I didn't realize at the time but over the last 9 years, it has become my best past-time that has brought me the most consistent joy.

I continue to create not only for myself, but for others who seek a stronger connection to the self and the world around us. Sharing my passion is meaningful to me because it encourages me to strengthen my knowledge and passion, but also to find others who seek to do the same. 


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