Repairs & Custom Work

Do you have silver or gold jewelry that is broken or you just don’t wear anymore?

Let's make something that you won't want to take off!

Jewelry has potential to hold so much sentimental value, and I’d love to give that back to you. We all have that one earring we lost or that necklace you used to wear every day. Clean out your jewelry box and let's make your new favorite piece of jewelry!

Some Examples of past work:

This is a silver & gold Navajo made bracelet cuff that was cracked in the middle.


What started off as a single earring that lost it’s pair…

…Turned into a ring!

This one was very special to remake. The earrings belonged to a friend’s mother who crossed the rainbow bridge. Now, she has a piece of her mother where ever she goes.



birth spoon repair


Repairs start at $40, and the price goes up after 1 hour of work. or trade me some old silver you have laying around.

Custom Work starts at $45/hr plus the cost of materials with a $350 minimum. If you have your own materials to contribute to the piece then I will only charge for my time.

-I offer a complimentary 30 minute consultation to see what you have in mind.

-Please refer to my Instagram page for past work and provide some of my past designs for inspirations.

-Once a design is agreed upon, a 50% non-refundable deposit is required. From there my turn around time is usually a about a few weeks depending on the time of year.

-Discounts cannot be applied to custom work.




  I will also offer store credit for Ready-To-Ship pieces if you have silver or gold jewelry to trade in. The amount of store credit that will be given will be measured by weight in ounces of metal.

  Contact me for a quote.