Do you do custom jewelry?

-Yes! Please check the Custom Jewelry  to inquire about your next SKJ piece!

-I typically only take about 2- 3 orders at a time, and if 

How long have you been making jewelry?

- My journey with collecting gems and minerals started around 2013. Shortly after, I started out with wire wraps, and in 2018 I took my an intro to metal-smithing class.


How do you recycled silver?

- I take fine silver coins and mill it out to flat sheet, or melt it into an ingot to roll out into wire.

- Melt down old jewelry and mill out to materials are required for my next project!

-Check out the Repair & Recycle Page for more info on how you can get the most of jewelry you no longer wear!


What got you into making jewelry in this way?

- I have a Bachelor's of Arts in Sustainable Studies, so it is a passion and part of my mission to create a brand that is Eco-friendly and had as little impact on the planet as possible, while also having a large impact on society. From strictly working with ethical gem suppliers and staying as close to source as possible, I can assume that each piece of jewelry has benefited a small business or family that has great intentions. I believe you vote with your dollar, every purchase you make has an effect on which way society flows. So, why not make it flow in a positive and mindful direction?