Jewelry Care

Although everything is built to last, natural wear and tear does occur. To prolong the life of your beloved jewels, please do your part to take care of your jewelry.

-- Wearing your jewelry does keep it from tarnishing, as the natural oils from your skin help to protect it!

-- Remove any jewelry during activities like gardening, bathing, doing dishes.

-- Occasional soap and warm water is a great way to clean off jewelry. You can also use a soft toothbrush to get into the nooks and crannies.

--Hot Springs will tarnish your silver jewelry!


Stones to be extra cautious of:

-- OPALS are very soft, and do require extra care. Please do your best to keep the stone out of prolonged sunlight, and hot water (showers, hot springs or hot tub). Typically, opals are not for every day, however, if you do wear it often just be extremely mindful of these tips.


--MOONSTONE is a little more sturdy than opals, however still a soft stone. Especially if you have a piece with inclusions and internal/ natural fractures within the stone, please be aware that this is susceptible to breakage if you are rough with it.



*Tarnishing is natural and these activities may speed up the process. A polishing cloth is the best and easiest way to get that shine back into your favorite pieces.

 ** I offer a complimentary re-polishing for any piece of jewelry that I made at any point in its life :)

Contact me to claim your re-polish or if you have more questions!