Tuscon Haul

Tuscon Haul

All stones purchased at the 2022 Tuscon Gem & Mineral shows were directly from mine owners or those under AGTA certification.

and yes, I know, I’m a little late to this post. Tuscon happened in February. However, I still wanted to show off all the fun things I got!

Until I started to make jewelry, I would buy whatever cool crystals and stones from whoever. As time went on, I learned that there is actually a lot of child labor involved with the mining and stone-cutting process. Mining can be dangerous, and sending kids to do the dirty work is just down-right wrong.

To be frank, mining is not sustainable. If jewelry makers are able to at least be able to track the source of the gems we work with, then at least we rule out the factor of blood being shed over crystals and fine gems. Ever see the movie “Blood Diamond”? It is terrible what some people go through to get their hands on such valuable material.

Now, who wants to look at what I got?


Look familiar?

These natural ruby slices were used in the Aries Collection! 


Look for these in the Aries Collection!


So. Many. Goodies!!

On the top row across, I have another Charolite cabochon with the trapiche Amethyst, Sapphire slices and opal.

Bottom row starts with rosecut & a marquis cut Moldavite, more Astrophyllites, and lastly, a lovely magenta spinel with my first purchase of Alexandrite!

A medley of turquoise and white buffalo from the Otteson family (mine owners).

If you’re a turquoise nerd, top surfboard and pair are from the Royston Mine,

Middle left is Big Nugget (and yes, this is ACTUAL white turquoise), middle right is Black Buffalo, middle surfboard pair is Broken Arrow, and bottom left is Bayo Canyon.

Watch their TV show, “Turquoise Fever” on Netflix!

Top two pairs are more Astrophyllite
Middle pairs are Charolite
Bottom left is Tourmaline in Quartz next to a Snakeskin Agate to the right.
The Snakeskin agate is actually a fossilized fish jaw bone!


Basically, what I look for in a gem dealer, is someone who can tell me all about their mine or an AGTA certification on their banner. It is a vaule here at Sydney Kay Jewelry to know where every material originated from. Starting here with the stones used because these precious materials take a long time to grow.

I hope that once you obtain any piece of jewelry from me that you will have it to adore for your lifetime. Not just in the fact that it is pretty, but that it stands for social equity and transparency.

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